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ZhaoXin Building Material

Zhanjiang Zhaoxin Building Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and is located at the southernmost point of mainland China. Zhanjiang Port, as a large port with 100 million tons, has convenient shipping conditions and comprehensive support for import and export trade policies. As a professional private enterprise that entered the field of concrete admixtures earlier, our company has become a scientific research, design, production , processing and marketing as one of the industry pioneers. ​ ​


At present, our company mainly produces concrete admixture products, with an actual production capacity of 80,000 tons per year. The ZX series concrete admixtures independently developed by our company: naphthalene series, sulfamate, polycarboxylate and other series, which have been tested by relevant departments. All performance indicators have reached the level of similar products from national and international. These products can be widely used in mass concrete , hydraulic concrete, road concrete, bridge engineering, pipe pile cement products, waterproof and impermeable concrete, industrial and civil buildings and concrete mixing stations, etc.


Zhaoxin is committed to meeting the needs of all customers and providing the best raw materials. We are struggling for the most professional services for the construction industry.


The global market is constantly changing, and we are constantly adjusting ourselves to build a deeper trust with the society. Profit is not our only goal, it also includes proposing sustainable and local solutions for each project.


5% of Zhaoxin's annual revenue will be invested in research and development funds. To maintain innovation is the source of corporate competitiveness.

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

As a manufacturer specializing in the research, development, promotion and application of new materials such as concrete admixtures and surfactants, Zhaoxin's emphasis on product research and innovation is also reflected in the company's structure and R&D investment. ​ 10% of Zhaoxin employees are engaged in product research and development, and 5% of the total annual turnover is invested in research and development funds.


At the same time, Zhaoxin Laboratory is in close contact with major domestic universities. We firmly believe that in the face of a rapidly changing market, only continuous innovation can solve customer problems in a timely manner and build a better world.

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